Trek CCM will leverage your current prospects and guest passes and initiate conversations with each one individually to drive more memberships.

Each potential member is contacted at the right moment and communicated with to help them overcome fears, objections, and other concerns to drive more daily sign ups.

Our trained communication specialists will communicate and support your member base helping them achieve their goals. Trek will fill trainings, classes and other events with 1 to 1 communication.

Using Trek CCM's proprietary communications platform, each member is contacted at the right time and our specialists talk with them individually.

Our specialists will communicate to those that are past due or have bad information ensuring that your member base is current on their membership dues.

Many cancellations come from bad information or a member falling behind and not able to catch up. Our communication specialists will help them to update their info and pay their dues in professional and kind manner.


No Training. No Hassle of Implementation. Just coordinating success.

Potential gym members: increase traffic and convert customers

Your marketing drives leads, but what do you do with them? Your people are too busy to follow up well. And hiring a dedicated person is cost-prohibitive. Trek automates personalized contact with each lead via text message. Because it feels like you’re contacting each lead as the gym manager, your potential members feel cared about, which dramatically increases response and close rates.

Current members: keep them longer

Personalized contact is vital in customer retention. Trek automates this contact. Initially, new members need encouragement during the first four weeks after they join as they try to change their health habits. After that, continued personal contact makes people feel cared about and connected to your gym.

Members who cancel: find out why and get them back

Reach out in personal ways to find out why someone cancelled. Then, address the “why.” If a person can be brought back, personalized communication is the way it can happen. Trek's communication specialists will have 1 to 1 conversations with at risk or members that want to cancel helping them find value again.

Past due collections: personal contact gets you paid

Past due fees are one of the biggest reasons members cancel. Reaching out and reminding in personal ways, rather than through collection letters, is a much more effective tactic. Texting a personal message makes people feel less intimidated and more obligated to fulfill monthly membership commitments.

A Case study of 40 locations

Multi-Location National Big Box

• Approximately 4,400 influenced sign ups per month over 40 locations, an average of 110 per month, per location
• Membership attrition: 42% to 21.75% over four months
• $5,257 was collected per month over 40 locations in Trek-driven payments
• Total of $166,489.19 Trek-contacted collections

More Info

Trek CCM Results
Over 6 months

  • New Member growth contacted by Trek CCM60%
  • Member activity by events filled80%
  • Past dues collected weekly40%
  • Mayson
    I went with Trek knowing that we needed help with getting our prospects into the gym and keeping in touch with them. We sign up dozens of accounts each month with them.  However, I found the real value in having him drive collections and payment updates every week.  Currently, we average $2,500 per week in collected past dues and updated payment information.  That alone has dropped our attrition in half. - Mayson, Fitness 1440
    Fitness 1440
  • Our first month, we were nervous because we had just taken over a big box gym and were converting it to another brand.  Within the first 4 weeks of using Trek, the staff there were able to convert over 600 members and give our revenue a real boost to get going.  We couldn't be happier with the consistency of the service Trek provides.
  • We've been working with Trek CCM and Cameron Marcum the Founder for over 5 years.  Cameron seems to always have a solution to the problem we are trying to solve and if he doesn't have it now, he builds it into his services.  Our locations have benefited greatly from his expertise and willingness to solve some of the pain we've had running Big Box gym for decades. My staff and I couldn't be happier. - Billy, Crunch Fitness
    Billy McClendon
    Crunch Fitness
  • While using Trek and Mr. Marcum's staff as our own, they were able to expose problems quickly, get them back to me so I could change and address the needed things before they got out of hand.  Trek CCM saved us from a lawsuit by knowing what was going on with this particular member and came straight to me and my staff to handle the problem.  That member is now a customer for life!  - Roger, Anytime Fitness
    Anytime Fitness
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